Thursday, November 10, 2005

Forex Trading 11/10/05

10:00 pm- 1 Trade won

Thank goodness we had a winning trade today! It was a fairly straight forward Alba breakout. At 8:50 am, there was an Alba breakout and I entered 3 lots short at 1748 with a s/l at 1776 and a first target at 1729. The target was hit at 10:00 am and I closed 2 lots and moved my stop to the high of that candle. Unfortunately, that's where my last lot was stopped out. It's too bad to because the Euro made a nice drop at around 3:00 pm. Sorry, that's my greed speaking...Control yourself! :) Anyways, it was a good day and I can't complain about a winning trade! Update for tomorrow: There will be no trading for me tomorrow since it is a US holiday and I'm not expecting much movement. I would recommend that you not trade tomorrow either, especially the US session. So with that said, there will be no posts tomorrow. However, I may post a nice joke or something :) Hope you all did well!

Results: +38 +9 -9(spread)= +38 pips

8:00 am- Analysis

Good Morning Everyone! Strong U.S. economic reports coming out today at 8:30 am EST. I highly recommend that you wait at least 30 min to an hour to let the markets digest the information before you trade. The euro made a small range of 28 pips last night, so definitely look for movement today during the US session. Good luck and good trading! ~ PipCrawler

EU Session High: 1.1789
EUSession Low: 1.1759
Calculated Target 1: 1.1842
Calculated Target 2: 1.1676

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