Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Forex Trading - 12/07/05

8:37 pm- No Trades was another boring day in the market today. Like Pipcrawler said this morning, there wasn't much news so we've been anticipating this lack of movement. You can see that the Euro did make a nice move during the EU session but unfortunately that left us with no movement during the US session. I am thinking the rest of the week will be like this since everyone is probably waiting for the Fed meeting next Tuesday. Hope you all didn't get caught in this dead market. ~Big Pippin

9:00 am - Analysis

Good morning everyone! Sorry for the late post...due to the wintery weather here in the east I had temporary power outage here, but I'm back up ready to look for trades! Well, today there are no major news from either the EU or the US except at 3:00 pm EST for US Consumer Credit (OCT). EURUSD did make a move lower during the EU session due to the sell off in EURJPY. Without any major news this week expect range bound and choppy trading, but that's ok because with the Alba system we can make profits with small moves in any market. So lets stay focused and keep any eye out for any potential trades. Good luck and good trading.

EU Session High: 1.1767
EU Session Low: 1.1705

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