Friday, December 09, 2005

Forex Trading - 12/09/05

7:30 pm- No Trades

Due to the news reports that came out at 9:45 and 10:00, there were no Alba trades. Everyone knows I hate trading around news events so yes there was some discretion involved in today's breakout. During the Learn N Trade sessions you will learn how I trade especially around news reports. ~ Big Pippin

Results: +0 pips

8:00 am - Analysis

Good Morning!! Man, when are we gonna get a major breakout!? EURUSD has been trading in a range roughly between 1.1800 and 1.1700 for the last few sessions. Not that I don't mind because with the Alba we're able to catch moves in this choppy market like yesterday, but I wanna see this thing moving and shaking like Pip Diddy's mom at the club after a bottle of Hypnotic and some Hennessey!! Well, I guess we're gonna have to wait and see what the Fed is going to say in their meeting next week. For today, we have U. of Michigan Consumer sentiment at 9:45 am EST and Wholesale inventories at 10:00 am EST. I don't suspect these reports will generate too much movement, but like I always say, the market will do whatever it wants to, so always be prepared. Good Luck and good trading! ~ PipCrawler

EU Session High: 1.1816
EU Session Low: 1.1765

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