Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Forex Trade - 05/02/06

2:45 pm EST- No Trades

Well with the big move that the Euro made during the EU session along with the absence of economic reports today it was no surprise that the market was quiet during our session. There's really not much to say because the chart speaks for itself. There was very little movement and the only money I made today was through an online poker tournament I won due to sheer boredom :) Hopefully the rest of the week will be more exciting. Cheers! ~Big Pippin

Results: +0 pips

8:00 am EST - Analysis

Good Morning! During the European session, we saw no love for he US dollar as traders came back from the holiday as Euro bulls. The range for the trading session last night was 109 pips. So we may see difficulty seeing an Alba breakout, especially without any US economic reports being released today. So, let's keep and eye out for those Alba signals. The system did well for us yesterday, let's trust it will do well for us again. Good luck and good trading! ~Pipcrawler

EU Session High: 1.2668
EU Session Low: 1.2559

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