Friday, April 28, 2006

Alba Results for 4/24/06 - 4/28/06

This week was a good week minus the loss we took on Monday. Fortunately we were able to pull in enough pips to stay positive for the month.

Monday: -66
Tuesday: No Trades
Wednesday: +10
Thursday: +86
Friday: +30

Total: +60 pips

Total for March: +39 pips

Monday, April 24, 2006

Forex Trade- 4/24/06

3:40 pm EST- 1 Trade Lost

Unfortunately this week is not starting off good. There was an Alba breakout (albeit an ugly one) at 10:00 am EST and I entered 3 lots short at 2344 with a stop at 2363 and a target at 2335. I was stopped out at 10:50 on all 3 lots. The way things are going this could be the first negative month for the Alba system. We'll see how the rest of the week pans out. Cheers! ~Big Pippin

Results: -57 -9(spread)= -66 pips

Friday, April 21, 2006

Alba Results- 4/10/06 - 4/21/06

It's been a very tough 2 weeks and we're actually negative for the month at this moment. Since the Alba inception, I've never had a losing month so it will be interesting to see what will happen next week. This is one of those times when you can really see the power of good money management :)

4/10/06 - 4/12/06
Monday: No trades
Tuesday: No trades
Wednesday: -105

4/18/06 - 4/21/06
Tuesday: -33
Wednesday: -138
Thursday: +24
Friday: No trades

Total: -252 pips

Overall track record

Forex Trade- 4/21/06

4:45 pm EST- No trades

Well it was a relatively quiet day for the EUR/USD seeing as there were no economic reports today. However at around 10:30 we did get a brief spike due to some words from the Russians saying that the USD wasn't the only reserve. Price went up to the EU session high but didn't quite qualify as an Alba breakout so I stayed out. It's been a week and half and I'm hoping next week will be better. Have a great weekend everyone! ~Big Pippin

Results: +0 pips

Friday, April 07, 2006

Alba results for 4/3/06- 4/7/06

Well it really was a great week for the Alba system. I think it's just been a great week for trading in general. In this week alone we surpassed all our profits from last month. Hopefully we'll be able to add to this profit total for the rest of the month.

Monday: +54
Tuesday: +27
Wednesday: No Trades
Thursday: +86
Friday: +64

Total: +231 pips

Monday, April 03, 2006

Forex Trade- 4/03/06

2:10 pm EST- 1 Trade won

Not a bad day for a Monday. There was a good Alba breakout at 10:20 am and I entered 3 lots long at 2091 with a stop at 2069 and a target at 2103. My target was hit at 10:40 and I closed 2 lots and moved my last lot's stop to the low of that candle. I trailed my stop and was eventually stopped out at the low of the candle marked on the chart which was at 2130. We couldn't of asked for an easier trade today and it was pretty much a smooth sail for the length of the trade. Hope you all grabbed some of those pips. Cheers! ~Big Pippin

Results: +24 +39 -9(spread)= +54 pips

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