Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Awesome Start for BabyPips

Hello everyone! I won't be trading today again in order to keep up with all the PDF requests. If you still haven't gotten yours, make sure you follow the directions to the email I sent out a couple days ago.

The BabyPips launch was a huge success. We had over a few thousand unique visitors yesterday and alot of it is thanks to you guys. Thank you for spreading the word. We've gotten so many emails and comments complimenting the site and we really appreciate them. It keeps us motivated to keep moving forward. So from all of us at the BabyPips team, we want to send a big thanks out to all of you and we hope you keep spreading the word wherever you go.

There has been an overwhelming number of people who have signed up for the Alba Learn N Trade which I think will be very helpful to all of you as you will be able to watch me trade live. More importantly, you will be put into teams after the sessions are over so that you can trade as a group. Trading as a team will help you in your trading tremendously as it will keep you accountable to follow the rules of the system. If you are still interested in signing up for the Alba Learn N Trade you can still sign up. The quicker you sign up, the sooner your live training sessions will be. You can send me an email if you're interested.

Like I said before, version 2.0 is already in progress, and there is a TON of stuff that is going to be added to the site so be sure to sign up for the newsletter to get updates of when new material is posted. I'm hoping that I'll be able to trade tomorrow, but I've been so excited about the launch that I haven't even really thought about trade. If you did trade the Alba system yesterday, you would've made some nice pips off of an Alba breakout. I just quickly looked at the charts and I think it was about a 40 pip gain. Anyways, hope you all do well today. Happy trading everyone and thanks again!

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