Monday, October 31, 2005 is now live!

It's Official

Yes, that's right. is now officially open and ready to serve the forex community! If you visit BabyPips and know some people that might find the site useful, please spread the word and let them know that BabyPips is a good resource for them. We want to spread the BabyPips name out like a virus and infect people with free, unbiased trading education :)

I really want to thank everyone that has been supporting me on my blog and through email. All your comments mean alot to me and has kept me motivated to work on the site. That is why I am happy to give you all "The Alba System". It's not much, but it's just my way of saying thanks for all your support.

For those of you who emailed up until yesterday requesting the system, you should've received an email from me yesterday with final instructions on how to get the PDF. The fact that alot of people are following those directions tells me that you all did get that email. I just want to remind you that if you need to contact me, I will no longer be using that email address. You can click on the "Contact" page of this blog to find out how to reach me.

More About BabyPips

Yes the site is up now, but there is still so much more to come. We have alot of things going on behind the scenes so by signing up for our newsletter you will get the first alert on when new updates are made to the site. Trust me, we have big plans for BabyPips. Version 2.0 is already underway.

Chart Analysis

With the exception of today and possibly tomorrow, I will still be doing my normal chart analysis and posts. I will be extremely busy today and tomorrow as I will be distributing "The Alba System" to all those who signed up. However, after that, the charts should continue as normal.

On I'd like you to visit our chart analysis page especially before each new trading week. PipDaddy has written and will continue to write a comprehensive weekly analysis of either the Euro and/or the Cable. This weekly analysis is GREAT for looking at the possible movements of those pairs for the upcoming week. PipDaddy locked himself in his office for 4 hours just to write it (what a nerd). I think PipDaddy likes charts more than he likes women, so it would only benefit you to visit his chart analysis page to see what an obsessive chart guru like PipDaddy has to say about the markets :) I tease him because, well, it's my blog and I can do so if I want, hahahaha. I hope he reads this so I can laugh at him.

Anyways, if you think we joke around too much, then you're absolutely right. The BabyPips team, also known as the "FX-Men" (get it?) are always looking to have fun while learning this crazy market. Although we take our trading very seriously, we also like to joke around and hopefully you can put up with our humor :)

Final Word

Starting today, anyone that emails me for the PDF will not be able to get a copy. The PDF was meant to be an incentive for those who supported this blog and BabyPips up until this point. I just wanted to throw that out there so you don't wonder why I don't send you the PDF when you email me. I know I sound like a butthole but I have to be fair to the people that have been supporting me up until this point. Thanks everyone! You mean the world to me!

HAPPY TRADING and if you haven't already done so check out

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DannyBly said...

Great site - big fan of the Cowabunga system!

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