Monday, August 08, 2005

EUR/USD 8/08/05

5:30 pm- 1Trade Won

Woohoo! I won a trade on a Monday. Actually, it was more of a scalp, but my chart was on the money today. If you look at my chart from this morning and compare it with the chart right now, you'll see that the price moved nicely to my calculated target. I saw a good signal at 10:40am and went short for a profit of 4 pips on 3 lots. Not a great day, but still profitable :) Hope you all did well.

Trade details:
-3 lots short at 2364; Closed at 2360

Result:+12 pips (spread was already factored in)

8:00 am- Analysis

Good morning everyone. Hope you all had a great weekend! The EUR made a nice move up during the EU session and made about a 75 pip range. This means that there could be about 35 pips more movement left in it. I've drawn the usual charts with the EU session high/low, and possible targets. Monday's are tricky as I've been losing on them recently, but I think if we're patient we can steal some pips :) I'll keep posting throughout the day. Happy trading everyone!

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