Friday, August 26, 2005

EUR/USD 8/26/05

No Trades

Hello everyone! Sorry it took me so long to update this post. I didn't see any good trades today. Although Greenspan made the Euro move, I didn't see any clear signals. There was a short signal but it didn't happen until around 1pm, which is beyond my trading time. I ended up going to happy hour and getting really drunk which is why I couldn't post yesterday. Actually, I could've posted but you might have had trouble reading it because it would look like this: wWHEfakdo awerl ERl ad =fas. Hope you all had a great trading week!

7:52 am- Analysis

Good morning everyone! Greenspan is speaking today at 10am EDT. I'm not sure what is going to happen but hopefully it will move the market. Fridays are also one of those tricky days so I'm going to be extra cautious today. The Euro made about a 44 pip range during it's session, which is usually narrow, but within the past few days, that's about normal. The 5 day daily average range is only 82 pips. I expect this to go back up after this week. Hopefully we'll have a good trade today, but I'm positive for the week so I don't want to force anything. Happy trading everyone!


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