Sunday, August 14, 2005

Forex Education

90% of forex traders lose all their money within the first 3-6 months.

This means 90% of all forex traders don’t know what the heck they’re doing! They just jump right in and rely on luck, only to end up giving away all their money to the other 10%. was created to help prevent this from happening to you. Our free online forex trading course and forex education are designed for those new to trading currencies. We stress that you take baby steps when learning to trade. The slower you start, the faster you’ll become part of the elite 10%. Remember - you didn’t learn to walk without first learning how to crawl.

Enter The Beginner's Guide to Forex Trading

About BabyPips is an easy-to-understand guide for teaching you how to trade in the foreign exchange market. Everything you need to get started is right here.

We're here to introduce you to the Forex market, show you different ways to make money in the Forex market, and teach you how to keep that money you make instead of giving it all back to the market. We want you to become a confident and successful trader and not end up like Bitter Bobby who "tried" Forex trading and quickly lost all his money and quit.

When we first started trading forex, it was hard to find information online for beginner traders. If we did find something, the content only covered certain topics and few specialized in forex. After long hours of searching, we were only able to find a hodge podge of sites. It was extremely scattered. We had to learn about support and resistance on this site, the MACD on that site, trading psychology on yet another site, money management on another site…you get the picture.

And this is why we created, so new traders such as yourself wouldn't have to suffer like us having to surf a gazillion pages all over the Web trying to find quality resources about forex trading. We want to be a complete educational resource for all novice forex traders.

That said, we're not going to beat around the bush...we don't believe in get-rich-quick schemes to achieve wealth! If that's what you're looking for then go buy a lotto ticket.

We're also not going to try and trick you into thinking trading currencies is a piece of cake and that "with just 10 minutes per day" you can "go from ashy to classy" or "transform your computer into an ATM machine that only spits out Benjamins".

Learning how to consistently make some moola on Forex is no different than learning how to play basketball (yes we're forex traders by day, street ballers by night yo). First you gotta learn the fundamentals, get the right equipment, study the basic techniques, and practice practice practice until you become good. For some, this could take a very long time.

You’ve probably heard the famous “give a man a fish/teach a man to fish” quote by Yoda.

So we’re not going to just hand you a fish; instead, we’re going to teach you how to catch a fish. Actually we’re going to show different ways of catching a fish and just maybe you might come up with your own fishing style and method.

We want you to learn what you can from us and take the parts that you like and develop those parts into a workable trading plan that you can use it for own trading.

So now we end with this mind-boggling tongue twister:

Our goal is to help you help yourself make money by trading money...

while cracking as many corny jokes as possible along the way.

Enter BabyPips


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