Monday, September 19, 2005

Alba Learn N' Trade™
Live Online Training Room

Sometimes things are best explained cyber-face to cyber-face.

Learn how to trade the Alba System with the trading team (the “FX-Men”) without ever having to roam far from your desktop or laptop. Oh and it’s FREE.

The Alba System manual
Prior to joining us in the online training sessions, you will receive The Alba System manual. The manual will show how to trade The Alba System step-by-step complete with detailed explanations and chart examples.

4 hours of live trading for three days straight
We will trade the Alba System live with you, from 8am – 12pm EST, for three straight days. Bring your demo or live account and be ready to trade.

Our Learn N' Trade intense training sessions will consist of live commentary via chat as well as live charting via screen-sharing with complete interactivity. Our entire desktop is shared in real-time. You will feel like you’re in the same room. You will see our charts. You will see our trading station. You will see us actually enter and exit trades. You will have the ability to “point out” on the chart any questions you may have.

10 people only
Each live trading session will be small. There will only be a maximum of 10 people in the chat room. Ten people will be the maximum allowed so we can provide the best possible group learning environment and have more time to spend with each trader individually if necessary.

Team trading
Near the end of the training, we hope to set you up to trade as a team or multiple teams. Team trading will make a huge difference in your success. You will make fewer mistakes, break less rules, and be better off than if you traded solo. If you don’t want to trade in a team, that is okay also. It's optional. More information will provided about team trading when you sign up.

Email and instant message support
After finishing your three day Alba Learn N' Trade live online training, you will know the Alba System and be able to easily trade it. If you’re still having some trouble though, that’s okay. We will work with you for as long as it takes, by instant message and/or email, until you are comfortable trading the Alba system on your own or with your team.

And it's FREE!
ou were probably wondering how much this would cost?

Well it's FREE.

What’s the catch?

The catch is… is affiliated as an IB for the largest FX broker on the market, FXCM, and you’ve got to open a real trading account with them and add as the referral.

That's it!

You pay NOTHING extra adding us as a referral. Nada. Rien. Nichts. Niente. Niets. There’s literally NO COST TO YOU.

And we're not going to try and lie to you (like other companies).

We do a get a small referral fee when you do this.

We're here to help new traders not rob them like other companies who sell their systems for an arm and a leg.

We wanted to provide a way for traders to acquire and learn our system without them having to pay any out-of-pocket costs while at the same time be compensated to cover our costs to provide this training and also for the many months and gazillion hours spent on developing and refining the system to be the simple and profitable system it is today. And we believe this is the best way to do that. Plus it's just not cool to freeload off someone else's hard work.

If you were planning to open a Forex broker account anyway, instead of just getting a plain ol' account, now you'll get a new account AND get Alba Learn N’ Trade live online training plus email and instant message support until you can trade The Alba System proficiently…ALL FOR FREE.

It's a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Feel free to look at our trade record if you want to see how Alba has done since July 2005.

If you follow my trading journal, you'll see that the Alba System has:

  • Never had two consecutive trade losses
  • Never had an unprofitable month
  • Only four unprofitable weeks

Now I'm not claiming that these results will remain like this forever. If I did, that would either make me an idiot or another snakeoil salesman. I'm just trying to make a point that the Alba System is a solid system that you should try and see if it's a good fit for you.

If you've read the manual, you'll have learned that the Alba System will not get you rich overnight. But by using the techniques described in The Alba System manual and following our live training guidelines, you will learn how to trade Forex for a steady income.

If you're interested in learning more or simply have any questions, objections, comments, or Christmas gift requests, email me at with the subject line “Alba Learn N' Trade”. We'd love to hear from you! (*Note: Please do not try to open an account with FXCM on your own. It will just make the process slower. Be sure to send me an email if you would like to sign up. Thanks!)

*If you are interested in alternative options to receiving the Alba system instead of signing up with FXCM, please send me an email at with the subject line "Alba alternative options".

Risk Disclosure

There is considerable exposure to risk in any Forex transaction. These risks include, but are not limited to the potential for changing political and/or economic conditions that may substantially affect the price or liquidity of a currency. The risk of loss in trading Forex can be substantial. You should therefore carefully consider whether such trading is suitable for you in light of your financial situation. It is important that you are aware of the following:

  1. If you make a foreign exchange transaction, you may sustain a total loss of the premium and all transaction costs.
  2. Under certain market conditions you may find it difficult or impossible to liquidate a position. This can occur, for example, when a market makes an extreme move during a news announcement.
  3. The placement of contingent orders by you or your trading advisor, such as “Stop Loss” or “Limit” orders, will not necessarily limit your losses to the intended amounts, since market conditions may make it impossible to execute such orders.
  4. Past results of the Alba System, or any other trading system, is no guarantee of future results.
  5. This brief statement cannot disclose all the risks and other significant aspects of the Forex market. You are encouraged to do your own research to ensure that you understand all of the risks before you attempt to trade.

Trading foreign currencies is a challenging and potentially profitable opportunity for educated and experienced investors. However, before deciding to participate in the Forex market, you should carefully consider your investment objectives, level of experience and risk appetite. Most importantly, do not invest money you cannot afford to lose.

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