Saturday, September 03, 2005

Results 8.29.05 - 9.02.05

It was a pretty good week. We're finally starting to see some movement. Next week should probably move just as much, if not more. Here are the results for the week:

Monday: UK Holiday
Tuesday: -57
Wednesday: +133
Thursday: +57
Friday: +25

Total: +158 pips

August Results: +353 pips

Another good month for me. Hopefully, the momentum will continue in September :) Monday is a U.S. holiday so I will not be trading. I will resume on Tuesday. Have a great weekend everyone!


okl said...

Simple yet profitable method!

okl said...

if you ask me what is BP's winning edge, my answer would be consistency. He uses the same setup at the same session and following the same rules.

Conclusion is you dont need to have a solid system but you need a trading plan and rules.

BP's made me understand this point really well :)

Also strongly recommend to read "Trading In The Zone" by Mark Douglas


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