Thursday, September 29, 2005

OMG what is wrong with blogger?

11:20 am- %@$#$

Hello everyone. I am so frustrated right now with Blogger. I had a long post this morning and when I clicked to upload it, it gave me some kind of error message and erased my post. AHHH! Sorry for my anger, but I've been so anxious to trade and post that it is driving me crazy. I'm having trading withdrawal, haha. It's like a drug. I need my addiction! Anyways, here were the key levels from this morning (not that it helps anyone now) :

EU Session High: 2075
EU Session Low: 2039
Calculated target 1: 2103
Calculated target 2: 1975

As of now, there was 1 trade already won signaled by a breakout AND a signal. I will post it later, provided Blogger does not act up. It's still not 12pm yet so the Euro could still fall to my calculated target 2 or just stay where it's at right now. If you profited from that first signal, you might just want to call it a day, considering what a crappy week we've had :)

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