Thursday, July 14, 2005

EUR/USD 7/14/05

11:00 am- Well the market did the exact OPPOSITE from what I was thinking (go figure). It went up after the news, and I did not see any clear FX10 signals. Plus,I had a down bias today. I didn't want to trade against my gut feelings, and I'm still up for the week, so I'm actually proud of myself for staying out today :) Maybe I'm gaining discipline?

8:34 am- CPI was unchanged, but Retail sales rose past economists' forecast. Look for a EUR move down.


Market is flat right now. Eur has been hovering around yesterday's low since its open. Might not be a good day for FX10. Watch for US CPI report. That could push EUR below yesterday's low and make it go lower.


spahiu said...

can u post a screenshot of the mcgraw macd, heard some good things about it

sonvolt10 said...

New to Forex and I am encouraged by long have you utilized it and how successful has it been?


Verdizzy said...

Well first of all, let me say that the FX10 is no holy grail by any means. Any system you use will always have losses. I have tweaked FX10 to fit my trading style. It does work, so it is a good system, but always remember to use your discretion. This is what will help you filter out bad signals. When I use FX10, I have an 81% win ratio BUT my avg wins are smaller than my avg losses. That is poor money management, but it still comes up profitable because of the high win percentage. Anyways, just keep checkin this blog because I will post all my thoughts and trades. Good luck to you :)

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