Monday, July 25, 2005

EUR/USD 7/25/05

3:00 pm- 1 Trade

Right before I left for my doctor's appointment I opened a short trade at 11:10 am (see the message board on the right). Here are the trade details:

-3 Lots opened at 1.2055; Stop Loss= 1.2075; First target= 1.2042
-1st target hit at 11:20 am; Closed 2 lots at 1.2042; Moved stop on last lot to 1.2053
-Last lot was stopped out at 1.2053

Result: +26-2-9 (spread)= +15 pips

10:43 am- No trades

I still see no good trades. A couple of times it looked like the Eur was going to break above the EU session's high but it never really made any strong moves. I will stop having to trade in about 30 minutes so I don't think I will have any trades today. Anyways, hope you all didn't get in the EUR. It's been whipsawing all session.

7:50 am- Analysis

Hope everyone had a great weekend! The Eur made about a 60 pip move during last night's EU session. Remember that a breakout above the EU high or below the EU low will be a good sign of some movement. I will only trade in between the range if a good signal is given. Happy trading everyone.

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