Monday, July 04, 2005

McGrew MACD Track Record

-In this post, I will be testing the McGrew MACD system on XTICK charts.
-Other Indicators: Stoch (14,3,3) , 30 EMA & 62 EMA on 60 min. chart to determine trend.


Trading Rules:

-I will only be testing on the GBP/USD, and on a 15 minute chart.

-My entry points will be at the close of the candle that generates a signal.

-If I miss the entry point, I will not enter.

-My stop loss will be the high/low of the signal candle +/- 10 pips.

-My target will be the same amount of pips as my stop loss - spread.

-Exit strategy. When initial target is hit, move s/l to b/e and go for next support or resistance.

-I will only trade 3% of my total account. The lot size will be determined assuming a -30 pip s/l.

-If I enter and my s/l is less than 30 pips, I will add to my position if my entry price is hit again.


Stats I want to measure:

-Total Wins:

-Total Losses:


-Avg Win=

-Avg Loss=


July 2005
Total trades:

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